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AI-Driven Network Security Platform

Sentinel is an AI-driven sense and response network security platform.

Purpose-built for smart homes to small business, the platform provides security against cyber threats while creating visibility and control for the home or business network.

Layered Network Security Solution

Enterprises have been relying on layered security solutions to protect them from rapidly changing cyber threats.

With SecureHome Sentinel platform: smart homes and small businesses can leverage the same technologies without breaking the bank or needing technical expertise.

We have created an optimal blend of mature technologies that are crucial to guard against most advanced Cyber threats SecureHome leverages bank-grade intrusion detection system, behaviour analytics: and machine learning to guard against smart home threats.

Device Identification

Automatically discover and identify connected devices


Device Profiling

Understand device normal behavior and usage trends

Threat Prevention

Anomalous behavior and signature-based threat protection

Managed Wifi

Authorize devices and control screen time

Risk Scoring

Measure security and privacy risks

Task Automation

Monitor Alexa social activities in real-time

Our Delivery Framework

Monetize the smart home and office revolution with SecureHome Sentinel Our Bots framework lets you command the market with the flexibility and speed you need for crafting custom solutions so you go to market first and often.

Provide a unified and enhanced customer experience with your existing apps or use ours to deliver what consumers need in their homes and offices today.