SecureHome Secures its Position as the Top 10 Contenders of the Accenture Innovation Award 2018

SecureHome was recently honored to be among the Top 10 of the Security theme of the Accenture Innovation Awards 2018. It is a platform where the top companies, products, and people from different spheres come together to bring innovation and ideas to light. All the submissions are assessed, and finalists are selected keeping in mind the world-class performance standards. The entire team of SecureHome is proud to have been among the top 10 candidates for the award along with other prestigious companies and people in the industry.

With billions of IoT devices connected to the internet, there are new threats emerging. Security is a big concern for consumers and businesses today as data breaches are becoming more common than before. It does not matter if you are a parent, a business owner or a new home buyer; no one is safe from cyber attacks. If you do not have proper network security in place at your home or your business, you are leaving it vulnerable to cyber attacks including malware, phishing, viruses, spam and more. SecureHome is the leading Home Network Security Company offering the latest AI driven IoT security for smart homes and businesses. We combine the real world experience with the top IT security solutions to help protect consumers and companies with the best defense available in the market. Our team of experts has extensive experience in technology, risk management, and regulatory compliance so that we can empower our clients for survival regarding online risk and cyber crimes that are a result of the new digital age.

SecureHome is the technology partner with a proven history of helping our clients takes advantage of the benefits that IoT has to offer. We aim to improve the lives of our clients and also help companies improve their businesses. We understand that implementation of IoT solution can be complex, but we pride ourselves in making the process simple for you. We allow you to experience the new era of the Internet of Things which means that all electronics devices surrounding you can be interconnected by a single network. We help make your home or businesses more intelligent, remote controllable and interconnected to each other.

The products and services offered by SecureHome are proactive and not just monitor and detect malicious activities on the network, but also disrupt the threats before they cause damage. The award reaffirms our commitment to use the latest technologies for best practices of information security and to continuously enhance our processes and systems to provide the best to set a high benchmark in the industry. We help people to have better control over technology and to stay safe.