Cyber security, what is it and why is it important?

Cyber security, what is it and why is it important?

You probably recently read about the guy who hacked into the home security cameras of 4000+ people in the USA & Europe!

If not, here is a brief excerpt from the story –

Steven Hankers from Johnstown, Wrexham isolated himself for 10 years from society and spent most of his time in his bedroom, online. He was arrested, charged and sent to jail for six years for hacking into people’s security cameras and selling the video clips online.

Not only did he hack into 4000+ home cameras to watch people having sex and undressing but he also pulled innocent children into his perverted online world and encouraged them to have sex with each other. Do we dare to ask the question of how this behaviour went undetected for 10 years?

Imagine this, you’re undressing or sharing an intimate moment with your loved one in the privacy of your own home and unknowingly you are being watched and recorded, clips later being sold to online adult sites. It’s frightening and humiliating at the same time. Your privacy and safe sanctuary has been exploited and now will never feel the same.

Even more frightening is the thought that this man could have had access to your children. Recordings of children, whom he had lied to about his age, were found in his possession. He would engage them in a game online and reward them points for taking part in sex acts.

At the time of his arrest, Hankers was found to have access to sixteen, active cameras and also four thousand saved videos.

What if there was a Cyber security solution that automatically prevented these types of attacks / hacks and notified you of your children’s abnormal online activities.

There’s a phrase on SecureHome website which reads: In the ever-changing world of technology we need bulletproof cybersecurity solutions for our protection and peace of mind. I for one whole heartedly agree with this statement.

The world is changing, IoT/Smart devices are coming into homes whether we like it or not. Try buying a regular TV today! You won’t be able to find one in the market. All the appliances and devices are now becoming smart / connected. Soon all the appliances and even the smallest of articles/items in your home will be smart/connected. Smart mirror any one?

SecureHome has the Sentinel cybersecurity solution which is able to detect and auto remediate Real-time threats that are even trusted by Fortune 500 companies. They are able to provide industrial / enterprise grade cyber security protection for our homes and businesses so we can keep our loved ones safe.

After hearing about Steven Hankers, don’t leave anything up to chance, Sentinel technology is available to protect you, your family and your most cherished moments against cyberattack, get cybersecurity solutions at and enjoy your peace of mind.