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Cybersecurity, Telematics, and Risk Scoring for Smart Homes and Businesses

Bank-Grade Security

SecureHome Sentinel brings bank-grade cybersecurity and privacy to smart homes and offices providing:

  • Malware / ransomware / phishing protection
  • Hacker intrusion detection and prevention
  • AI-based abnormal device behavior detection
  • Advance parental controls and insights

Awards and Recognitions

Accenture Innovation Challenge Top 10 innovative cybersecurity company

InsurTech Hartford Top 10 winner

Mach37 Cybersecurity Innovation Portfolio Company

Smart Devises Telematics

Leveraging real-time stream of IoT data, SecureHome provides content, condition, and usage telematics for smart homes and offices. 

  • Crowdsourced device fingerprinting and identification
  • Proprietary devices physical location identification
  • Smart home/office content and usage insights
  • Device usage and behavior profiles

Personable User Experience

Our AI technology converts simple, everyday interactions into delightful user experiences. Our customized bots help users automate their daily digital chores e.g.

  • Alert me when my Alexa tweets
  • Optimize internet security for a house party
  • Suggest educational content to my kids
  • Turn off the internet at dinner time

Real-Time Threats Detection Trusted By Fortune 500

Million IP Added

Million URLs Added

Million Malware

Million Fingerprints

Protection shield around the home with smart devices

We have created an optimal blend of mature technologies that are crucial to guard against world’s most advanced Cyber threats.