SecureHome | Make your smart home a SecureHome
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Make your smart home a SecureHome

Extend your home security system to protect against network intrusions from cyber criminals targeting smart devices in your home.

Cyber Network Security System For Your Smart Home

SecureHome customers get peace of mind that all their devices are not behaving in a way that intrudes in their privacy, causes financial damage, or impacts their safety. SecureHome leverages an enterprise grade intrusion detection system, behavior analytics, and machine learning to guard against smart home threats. With SecureHome, users can also get trusted help in case of a security incident.


Know what’s on your network in single pane of glass


Identify network intrusion from Cyber criminals


Real time notification of intrusions


Guided recovery from bad events

 Everyone is at risk !


What if strangers could talk to your kids through connected baby monitors, TVs, or security cameras?  With SecureHome network intrusion detection, you can detect and kick these strangers out of your home.

Business Traveler

You are away from home on business travel attending an important business meeting. You get a call from your spouse about the lights flickering, garage door randomly opening, and strangers asking for a ransom to be paid through your connected stereo system. With SecureHome, you can ensure the privacy and safety of your family and leave home in peace.

Single Woman

Do you live alone? Cyber criminals can use home security monitoring cameras to spy and blackmail you.  SecureHome will alert you in real time if these Cyber criminals intrude in your personal space.

New Home Buyer

Building the home of your dreams with technology that provides automation and convenience? Protect your investment with SecureHome. We’ll ensure Cyber criminals don’t cause financial damage that might not be covered through your home insurance such as a hijacked irrigation system destroying your expensive landscaping while you’re on vacation.

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